Hannah Beatrice | Documentary Wedding Photography | Manchester, Cheshire, Lancashire, Yorkshire | Dear Facebook / Twitter …
Artistic and soulful documentary wedding photographer based in Manchester, covering Liverpool, Leeds and North West. Photojournalist, natural and relaxed photography for portraits and events.
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Dear Facebook / Twitter …

Dear Facebook / Twitter …


Dear Facebook / Twitter,


I think we need a break.


It’s just, the thing is, you’re both a little hyper! I need some time out to recollect my (own) thoughts. You must have noticed it yourself. We’re not really paying each other proper attention, are we? We’re just broadcasting.

Twitter, spending time with you is a little like eavesdropping on a million conversations simultaneously! Has no-one ever told you that before? It’s quite tiring.

And Facebook, I think I just use you. Too much. You deserve more than that. You’re a great social media site. But you do let people use you. You’re wonderful for keeping me connected to clients and friends, for messaging, seeing their photos and sharing mine. And Twitter, you provide me with brilliant, inspiring content, ‘shareable’ links, banter during the quiet days editing on my own and great music suggestions.

It’s just all got a bit much and I can’t hear myself think anymore.

I love you and I will be back, I promise. This is not a break up; it’s just a mini break.

A break of 40 days. I’ll be spending Lent (starting Wednesday 13th February until Easter) away from Twitter and Facebook.

40 days … you can cope, right?

Hopefully during that time, I will draw and write more. I will think on my journeys, and notice my surroundings. While everyone else is tapping into their smartphones, I’ll be scribbling in a moleskine sketchbook. In short, I will be more creative.

All this may even encourage me to blog more. So I’ll try and set up some sort of auto-notifier thing to ‘ghost tweet’/’ghost update-my-facebook-status’ to let you know when I’ve blogged. (That way, you’ll know I’m still alive too.)

So, until Easter, adieu my friend!


Dear Clients,

Please don’t be alarmed by the above message. I will still be fully online and contactable by good old fashioned email and phone. (I will even get email notifications if you forget and send me a facebook message by accident.)


To all my fabulous Tweeting Magpies,

…who search the interwebs for lovely shiny nuggets of brilliance – please save any wonderful/hilarious/inspiring links you find and think I would be interested in, until I return!


Dear Facebook friends,

Hopefully you’re my facebook friend, because you’re my real friend too, and hopefully, I’ll have more time for you in Real Life! Please keep in touch!