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On the Hunt for Socks

Shetland Photography (10)

On the Hunt for Socks

I don’t own a TV. But somehow, that doesn’t stop me hearing about any new TV advert that comes out – people love to talk about them!

So, when I arrived on Shetland a couple of weeks ago for a holiday, it was nearly the first thing my friend and travel companion, Alex, asked me: had I seen the advert with the moonwalking Shetland pony in it?


Picture 4


Well, no I hadn’t, so we youtube-ed, and quickly decided, yes, we were both childish enough to see if we could track down the famous pony star by driving all around the islands in search of the one that looked as fabulous.


Shetland Photography (1)

Shetland Photography (2)

Shetland Photography (3)


However, there are quite a lot of Shetland ponies in Shetland (who’d have thought?!), and my driving was becoming increasingly erratic as I spent more time studying the markings on all the animals in the fields we drove past, and less on the road in front. Luckily before I steered us into a ditch, we stumbled across an article in the magazine, i’i Shetland, that gave us vital clues: the pony we were looking for had a name, Socks, and our search was narrowed to the area of Nesting.


Shetland Photography (4)


Now, if you know anything at all about Shetland (apart from the fact that it has a lot of Shetland ponies), it’s that everything and everybody is interconnected. Six degrees of separation? It’s usually far less! My parents live on the isles, and when I mentioned our unsuccessful attempts to track down the celebrity pony, my mum said she was sure one of her piano pupils’ mothers was related to a pony trainer who would likely know who owned Socks.

So began some phone research.


Shetland Photography (5)

Shetland Photography (6)


I think it was about three phonecalls later, that Socks’ owner was identified, and she warmly invited us to go and meet them in a field later that morning. Meeting place, time, and directions all sorted, we packed carrots (and some tiffin for his owner) and set out.

When we saw his iconic flowing mane, and feet clearly made for dancing, we knew we had our pony!


Shetland Photography (9)

Shetland Photography (10)

Shetland Photography (8)


Socks loved his carrot. And I got to shake my hair with him!


Shetland Photography (12)

Shetland Photography (13)

Shetland Photography (14)

Shetland Photography (15)


Mission accomplished. 🙂



ps. Thank you Mari for taking the time to indulge our inner children!

pps. I don’t believe for a moment that the advert was ‘faked’ with CGI… what crazy conspiracy theories people come up with.

ppps. Thanks to Alex for the superb photographs of me! (You must have had a good tutor 😉 )