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Turning Thirty

Thirty Project 01

Turning Thirty

I’ve started a bit of a personal project as an attempt at a Challenge before my 30th birthday next month (partly inspired by Miss29 and her amazingly ambitious challenge!). A friend suggested timelapse, and as that’s something I’ve never done before, a 30 day timelapse seemed an appropriate kind of project to start 30 days before I turned 30.


Thirty Project 01


The reason it’s a self-portrait is less one of vanity I think, and more simply because my face is something I always seem to have around, so it was just convenient! I won’t change radically in a month so it won’t produce as exciting results as this brilliant example or this other amazing example, but it will give me practise at a new technique.

I lie. Learning a new technique is just a side effect. A bigger motivation behind doing this is to raise awareness of the fact that I’M TURNING THIRTY!! (Just in case you missed it in the opening paragraph – I know, I just snuck it in there, didn’t I?)

And even more importantly than the fact that I’m turning thirty, is the work that an amazing charity called The Message do with young people.

I will tell you more about them as this project develops, but briefly: they have bands, theatre and dance groups that go into schools; teams that work out in communities; teams that go into prisons; and businesses that employ ex-offenders, mentoring and training them as apprentices – in all this, their aim is to bring hope with the Christian gospel, provide opportunities and release potential.

Yes, I am totally hijacking the fact that I have a big birthday, to tell people how cool The Message are! I’m asking my friends and family for donations to them instead of buying me birthday presents (but just because you may not know me personally, dear reader, you’re also welcome to visit my justgiving page! http://www.justgiving.com/Hannahs-30th).

Thank you for indulging me that little plug!

So, this is where I’m up to so far – my first three days:


Thirty Project 02