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Artistic and soulful documentary wedding photographer based in Manchester, covering Liverpool, Leeds and North West. Photojournalist, natural and relaxed photography for portraits and events.
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Gousto Food Box

Gousto Food Box

I’ve been trying something new to help get me out of a bit of meal-planning-rut. It’s called Gousto and it comes in a giant, exciting box! Delivered to my door once a week, with gorgeous organic, healthy ingredients inside ready to cook up into great recipes that I’ve chosen from their website.

I thought I’d take the chance to show you just how incredible it looks when it arrives, as it really is an exciting package! This is just because it is all so pretty and photogenic – I’m not getting paid by them to say this!

(BUT, if you fancy trying it yourself, you can use the code: HANNA64700 to get £20 off your first order!)


All the meat and chilled produce comes carefully wrapped in lots of insulating wool, for which they helpfully give you multiple uses (cat bed, insulation, compost)…

Everything is carefully measured out for the recipes and the number of portions you have chosen, so there’s no wastage of a whole jar of capers when you discover you don’t like them afterall!

This was my second box, and I got a cute little potato scrubber as a free gift.

These are the handy recipe cards, really simply laid out so they’re easy to follow.

And there’s often a few extra little samples and vouchers thrown in too.