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Artistic and soulful documentary wedding photographer based in Manchester, covering Liverpool, Leeds and North West. Photojournalist, natural and relaxed photography for portraits and events.
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In May I took a trip to Jerusalem to spend a week with family. We began our tour on the Mount of Olives, with a view over to the Old City:

In the Garden of Gethsemane:

The Church of All Nations in the Garden:

The Grotto of Gethsemane:

Church of the Sepulchre of Saint Mary:

Looking east across the Judean desert, from the highest point in Jerusalem on the Mount of Olives:

Our tour then took us into Jerusalem’s Old City itself.

Zion Gate, marked with bullets from the Six Day War in 1967:

The Wohl Archaeological museum, built around carefully excavated houses of the wealthy, preserved from Herodian times:

A display of archive photographs from 1966:

An incredibly transformed bike outside Jaffa Gate:

Inside the Old City market streets, there are some friendly sellers, selling Armenian ceramics and falafel:

The Tower of David / Jerusalem Citadel, just within Jaffa Gate:

The view from our balcony:

Mahane Yehuda Market:

One day we went to the Temple Mount sifting project.

The black buckets are filled with debris that was carelessly cleared out of the Temple Mount area and dumped. As such, it contains a whole mixture of valuable artefacts dating back as far as the 1st and 2nd Temple periods, amongst a lot of rubble and broken Pepsi glass!

Archaeologists, together with volunteers like us, are now carefully sifting through, and we were shown how to spot things that may be of interest:

Sorting into categories: metal, pottery, special stones, glass, bones/organic, and mosaic tesserae.

At the end of the morning, we were shown a few of the most interesting bits that had been discovered, including this piece of iron age pottery from the 1st temple period.

We got to the Israel Museum before it opened. Here is the front pool being cleaned:

A companion to our morning coffee and a recreation of 1st century Old City:

The Dome of the Book, built to house the fragments of the Dead Sea Scrolls:

The LOVE sculpture by Robert Indiana in Hebrew:

A deserted Jaffa Road on the holiest day, Shabbat:

Playing out whilst there’s some space:

Various art spotted around Jerusalem:

One day we took a trip out of Jerusalem to the Dead Sea and the fortress of Masada:

Beautiful mosaic tiles:

The Dead Sea: