Hannah Beatrice | Documentary Wedding Photography | Manchester, Cheshire, Lancashire, Yorkshire | FAQs
Artistic and soulful documentary wedding photographer based in Manchester, covering Liverpool, Leeds and North West. Photojournalist, natural and relaxed photography for portraits and events.
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Will you travel?

I’ve done weddings all up and down the British Isles (literally, London to Lerwick). If you are getting married further than an hour from Manchester, get in touch for me to quote for any additional travel and accommodation costs. Similarly, I am very happy to photograph destination weddings. Just get in touch to work out the details.

We hate having our picture taken – will you be able to get good photos of us?

Having photographed hundreds of people, I am a firm believer that we all look our best when we are enjoying ourselves. So to get great pictures, it’s really that simple: your only job is to enjoy yourself! I will also do my best to relax you and help you feel at ease.

Do you have insurance?

I certainly do. I have full Public Liability, Professional Indemnity and Equipment cover. I also bring back up cameras with me in case of an equipment failure.

What equipment do you use?

I don’t like to be so weighed down with kit or so busy lugging lightstands around that I miss those all important moments. I am a big fan of travelling light and find that I can be much less intrusive and ultimately get better shots this way. I use two Nikon D750 cameras, a full-frame professional model. Usually one of these has a standard zoom lens on throughout the day, whilst the other switches between a prime 50mm lens, and a 135mm lens – particularly useful when I’m at a distance from the action, like in church. I usually use one or two flash speedlights for the evening and dancing as needed.


Can you fit into the timing of our day?

That’s my aim! Documentary photographers should not be creating their own schedule that they expect you to fit into. It’s still a good idea to discuss your timings with me as early as possible to ensure the practicalities work. As a guideline, set aside 20 minutes at some point for some portraits of just the two of you (this can double as a nice chance for you to have a little couple time away from the crowds) and 20 minutes if you’d like a few group photos. These are best done outdoors in daylight if possible.

Can we provide you with a meal?

Yes, please! It’s really helpful to be fed at the same time as the other guests. They don’t want to be photographed eating, so this is the best time for me to have a break too. I’ll find a quiet spot away from the party to eat and check through the images captured to that point.

What happens if you’re ill on our wedding day?

I’ve not had this happen yet, and would certainly do my utmost to make it to your wedding. (It’s not the kind of job where you call in sick for a bit of a tickly cough!) In the worst case scenario that I’m totally incapacitated, I’m well connected to networks of wedding photographers and would aim to get you a suitable replacement.

What happens if it rains?

We bring umbrellas and dance in it! Seriously, rain is always going to be on the cards with a British wedding. At the first wedding I ever photographed, the heavens completely opened. Since then, I think at least half have had some element of bad weather to battle with! The show will still go on, you’ll still have fun and I’ll still get great pictures, fear not.

How many formal group photos do we need?

There are no hard and fast rules. I find couples sometimes panic and feel obliged to do more to cover all the bases, but gathering and arranging guests can be very time-consuming and eats into the rest of your day. To avoid you standing and looking at me for too long, I recommend just five or six of close family, bridesmaids, ushers and best man. I can help you plan which ones you need.


When will my photographs be ready?

I aim to put a sneak preview on my website and facebook within a week of your wedding. Within six weeks, I will edit all your photographs and send you the digital images and a link to your online gallery. From there, we can discuss the album if you are ordering one.

What’s your editing process like? How much retouching/Photoshop work do you do?

Although I aim to take a great picture in camera, the editing process is still a large part of any digital photographer’s job, in much the same way that the darkroom process is an integral part of film photography. Images will be carefully worked through with any adjustments for exposure, colour, contrast and cropping made to ensure that they evoke the scene as best as possible and in the way I remember it. I will retouch some glaring distractions in a picture but I’m a big fan of real, natural beauty, so I don’t airbrush skin or change anyone’s shape!

Do you supply black & white as well as colour?

Some images work better in colour, some in black & white. For portraits and group shots I usually include both, and the rest will be a mixture. If you are brave and interested in an artistic black & white coverage only, I would love to do this for you! Just speak to me about it beforehand.

How many photos do we get?

In a world where we now take 1 trillion photos a year, less really is more! Have you ever sat through a three hour film that really should have been half that length? My job is to carefully craft a story from your day. A smaller, better considered selection of images should always be preferred – it will be more accessible to you and future generations, giving you the opportunity to truly enjoy each picture. As a guide, I provide approximately 400 pictures which includes all the important bits, important people and important moments, minus the ‘bloopers’ (blinks, unflattering expressions and duplicates).

Who owns the copyright?

Copyright is automatically legally granted to a photographer on creating an image. I give you high resolution digital files and printing rights so you can print unlimited copies for personal use. However, I maintain moral ownership and copyright. Full terms and conditions are included on the booking form for you to read through.

How big are the photos we get?

You are supplied with high resolution jpg files, at 4500 x 3000 pixels. These can be printed up to a size of 10” x 15” without any loss of quality. Larger reproductions require special care and attention in processing and creating the file, to show it in the best possible way. You can order larger prints, framed prints and canvases through me, giving me the opportunity to give an image the close attention to detail it deserves. Prices on request.

Can we pay extra for the RAW files

RAW files are unfinished files. Even cameras process them into jpgs to display them on the back of the camera! They are never made available to clients because they are unfinished and unusable files.


So, what now?

If you like what I do and think we’d be a good match, I’d love to hear from you! First off, head over to my contact page and send me a message to check my availability for your wedding date. Then, it would be a good idea to meet up for a chat, a coffee and cake (when is cake not a good idea?). I’ll also bring along an album or two and a booking form for you to take away with you. If you don’t live close to Manchester (close enough for cake), we can Skype instead. Look forward to hearing from you!

When and how will we need to pay?

A non-refundable booking fee of £500 is required on booking to secure your date. The remaining balance is due six weeks prior to the wedding date. You can pay by cheque or bank transfer. Albums, prints and thank you cards can be ordered anytime up to one year after the wedding, payable at the time of ordering.