Hannah Beatrice | Documentary Wedding Photography | Manchester, Cheshire, Lancashire, Yorkshire | What I Believe In
Artistic and soulful documentary wedding photographer based in Manchester, covering Liverpool, Leeds and North West. Photojournalist, natural and relaxed photography for portraits and events.
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What I Believe In

I believe in marriage.

I am for longevity. Holding onto, keeping and treasuring. I’m in favour of lifelong commitment, choosing to love even when you can’t see what’s coming up. Promising your best, and working hard to keep your word, because you trust that, together, life can be sweeter, richer and more valuable.

I think that’s a party worth celebrating.

I believe in realism. I want to create honest, authentic pictures that are true to life. Proper emotions make the best pictures. Laughter that wrinkles your nose; smiles that come out through your eyes and seep through your pores because the joy is so real.

I don’t believe perfection exists. Imperfect is far more beautiful anyway.

I believe people are valuable just for being people. And I think relationships always come first. (They definitely higher up the list than chair covers.)

I believe in creativity, imagination, and trying something new. In experimenting even when you’re not sure it will work out, because you hope you might create something truly original.

I am committed to doing business ethically, providing excellent service, being environmentally responsible, and using British suppliers wherever possible.

Finally, I believe a wedding is just the beginning

– the best is yet to come.